You are the living proof of men's violence with your hatred reply.
If she is like most single mons I know (like myself), she probably has raised his son with love and tenderness, teaching him that, to be a good human being, regardeless the gender, one must respect all others, protect the vulnerable ones, teached him to not stand for violence and abuse. I raised my three children with those principles, no kid of mine was never told that she or he could not do or do not say or make something because of gender stereotype. They were free iã that regard. Two boys and a girl. They are all happily married and my in-laws are always making positive remarks about how free they are of the gender role stuff. Three independent, strong and compasionate people I am proud of.
Dialogue was essential in the process. Evetime one ot them came in with prejudiced ideas (learned in school or TV), we would have a family meeting to discuss the validity of the concept in a rational and respectful maner. My family is not perfect and I was not a perfect mon (God forbid me from such an assumption), but I do my best to blend love and justice, mercy and discipline in all aspects of my life.
You answer is not pertinent because you did not offer any argument. Only anger and malevolence.

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