I agree. When you add in abuses perpetrated by men (It is mostly men who sexually abuse children and who are spousal asaulters), a real fear develops, and lifelong disabilities in relationships and intimacy of all sorts. I have personally experienced both these types of abuse and am very afraid of men. I am 64 years old now and the result is that I simply tend to avoid them. Can you blame me? All the things you mentioned plus the controls and abuses? I have made a life for myself, earning the same as my male colleagues, have a retirement pension and a house......built it all up myself.....and feel now that I have no need for a man in my life. In my perspective, and with my past experiences, it spells nothing but trouble and I am content on my own ;) I enjoy my female friends and my activities. I thoroughly enjoy my complete independence and making all my own choices. I have a son to enjoy and hopefully grandchildren someday. AND most importantly, I do whatever I want, when I want, answer to no one, am controlled by no one. So many women in this world do not have that freedom.

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