It is common place and it is socially acceptable to say to boys: "you punch like a girl" or "you are crying like a girl, men don't cry" or worse like telling a little boy that, in absence of the father, he is the man of the house" (eg you are in charge of your mother, who is an adult, merelly because you are a male and she is a female). All these sayings express the idea of weakness and inferiority of women, If you make and effort and really pay attention to what people (men and women alike) say you will realize how much women are treated as lesser people. I am talking about ingrained concepts and beliefs, patherns and roles.
I am a women and a human being. I don't believe in any kind of hate, but it Is hard for me to respect or trust anything male.
I know it is not good for me to feel that way and I know that things are changing, but it is still very hard to be a woman even if you live in a modern and educated society. If you think about women int places/countries less fortunate, it is a real tragedy.

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