Anonymous wrote:

I agree 100%. It’s like everything else: we need to receive each other as INDIVIDUALS, not as stereotypes. It is really unfair to think of men as bad or inferior as a GROUP. We shouldn’t stereotype based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

We never stereotype our own group. i.e., if a white man sees a woman driving badly, he says “Crazy woman driver”, but if he sees a white man driving badly, he doesn’t say “Crazy white male drivers”, because he identifies with that group and therefore sees the driver as an individual. It’s like thinking all black men are criminals. When Timothy McVey blew up the government building, did you think, “White men are all terrorists”? Of course not. If you’re white, you thought, “What a loon” or “what an a**hole”, you didn’t think of yourself as part of the same group McVey is in. But if a Moslem is a terrorist, you think all Moslems are. People who have been to Casablanca, mostly Moslem, say those are the nicest people in the world. You won’t see that on Fox news.

Oh, you're so evolved and tolerant!!!! You even managed to get in a subtle dig at viewers of Fox News, who are of course racist, sexist, transphobic, Islamophobic, neanderthal cisgender white males? Gee, who wrote your shtik, Samantha Bee or Stephen Colbert? Each point delivered with all the subtlety of a Mack truck.

BTW, is it only white males who comment on women drivers in a disparaging manner, or is that your own bit of bigotry? I suppose they never comment on women drivers in Saudi Arabia, only because they have none. And Asians, Hispanics, backs and indigenous people are immune from such stereotyping, right? And Casablanca is virtually all Moslem because Morocco's Jewish population, once hundreds of thousands, has been reduced to a less than 3,000 (and for this pathetic remnant it is regarded as exceptionally tolerant for an Islamic country). The reaction in Casablanca would also not be particularly nice or "tolerant" if someone raised issues about the ethnic cleasing of Jews, the suppression of Berbers (actually a majority in Morocco- it's not, strictly speaking an "Arab" country). And I doubt you'd get very far trying to organize a gay pride parade there, since homosexuality is criminalized and strictly taboo. But then a smug, virtually signalling westerner who can return to the freedom and safety of her own "racist, sexist, patriarchal" country has the privilege of celebrating oppression in Morocco.

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