Wow! Laughing at your comments with thick skin as all who read it should. I am a manly man and proud of it.
Men and women are great and should be celebrated for their differences. Most men are born men and as such are the sexual predators. Nothing wrong with that. I won't apologize for needing sex just to go to sleep at night or so I can think again. Men are statistically less emotional than women and are quicker to go into problem solving mode and get on with the next task. Women are more protective/selective about with whom they have sex. They also emote more about problems longer before getting into solution mode. Sometimes they never seem to get to solution mode. But they are excellent at keeping up relationships. Together in a husband and wife team, they are a whole human. Too much effort is made in society today to make men women and women men. Hogwash!
In any case, both are great and should be celebrated for their differences. They both should also be able to see the humor in their mostly separate funky traits when they are satireized. Read "Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus". It will help us all understand and accept each other. My wife and I loved it. And for us, we will keep on being the imperfect male and female humans that we are; laughing at our differences.

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