Nope. WOmen need man. They work less, ergo make less money, they are not doing any of the necessary, fundamental and crucial jobs ( u know, because real work involved ), yet they parasite the most out of the system, mor than all other groups combined !!

woman are a toxic, parasitic burden to society and everyone.

And that's not misogyny, that's just plain facts

THis is what i pledge for total strike of all men. within 2 days the parasitic, fascist gender would undergo an astounding transformation :

at first they would hitler on even harder, to the limit, then very quickly the hitlers-with-tits-gender would go devastated and qucikly shapeshift to sorries, then to heinous traps, then to promises ( to be broken ofc. ) then to blame and manipulation etc .... but when those parasitic subhuman suckers finaly starve for death, THEN they will START to try to behave like humans finally.

And i think this is where we should head to. To make all of this femalefascist inhumane insanity and end quicly and sovereignly.

i as a man just want to live in peace again.

Destroy women to make the world humane again !

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