When a woman defends herself or says something about men she is a feminist, which I guess according to society is a negative thing. What is a man when he defends himself and says something about women, like the men commenting here?

I don't know why there always has to be a battle between the two genders. Neither one is better than the other. And, neither one is worse than the other. Unfortunately, there is so much hatred in this world.

Though, I don't really see hatred towards men from society, as much as women. They may be portrayed in a certain way sometimes, but that doesn't mean they are hated.

I see society as a whole hating women more than men. I have heard more men say mean and nasty things about women(degrading them) then I have ever heard women ever say about men.
Society as a whole prefers boys and values boys more than girls. Girls, especially teenage girls have gotten such a bad rap. In fact, many countries abort female fetuses or throw female babies away. This is much worse than how men have been betrayed on tv or anything else. Killing a baby just because it is a girl! If that is not hatred than I don't know what is. The sad thing is people are secretly doing this here in the USA. And not just by men, but women too! I have heard most men say and even women say that they would prefer a boy and that they were glad they didn't have a girl. Boys get away with so much, because people say ohhh.. "boys will be boys," but if a girl does something wrong she is a brat or bad and ends up paying a consequence for it, which she should, but so should boys.

And, I've heard people say "Why is there so much hatred towards women and girls?" Because as a whole society including the media bashes women and judges her for everything she does. Women are expected to be perfect, because if something goes wrong with her kids or her marriage, she gets blamed for it.

In nature we have male and female for a reason. We need each other, so neither one should hate the other.

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