I know this is old but I am glad that this article got you thinking. This topic is important to me as I think the institutionalized hatred of men in our society. Equates Maleness with criminality. So many men are not criminals. But because of this bias fathers are denied the right to earn the title of being a great father after divorce. There are so many other examples. I and all men I know struggle with what the definition of manhood is supposed to be. Some of us just throw in the towel and live up to the expectations of those that hate us.

The old ideal of being steadfast and brave,a protector and a responsible and capable man is some how no longer acceptable. The only times I can think of where men are portrayed in a positive light when justifiable violence is involved. How does only showing men as competent when violence is involved good for our perceptions of men? Show me a modern film that praises men. for our virtues. Show me a film about Nansen exemplifying all the greatness he accomplished with his masculine energy. Or any other number of important and impressive manly men from history that were not violent.

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