I suggest not having a son these days. They seem to be fragile things who must be raised a certain way or they just fall apart by the bolts and into a heap. You're damed if you do and damed if you don't if you are a mother raising a male child... ESPECIALLY if you a re a single mother... male's most HATED type of mom. Doesn't matter how she is a single mom... it's just that she s a single mom... a woman at the helm... no males around to tell her the "right" ways to do things. Leave little boys to be raised by their own kind: Male. Whether or not they are up to the task to raise them to be the "real manz" they ought to be shouldn't be your problem. After all, they preach day in and day out that only men can raise boys... well... I 100% wholeheartedly agree. Get on with your daughters and be happy... and for the love of Mary, make sure they carry their tazers and pepperspary onto the subway once they turn 10. I wouldn't wish a son on any woman.

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