I was wondering if you have sought treatment for yourself for post traumatic stress disorder? I hope you are able to find help. You might also try a simple test for low stomach acid, in case that is behind the GERD (I'm thinking the stress may be contributing to low stomach acid that's leading to acid reflux). Buy some betaine HCL capsules and take 1 with a large meal the first day, then 2 with a large meal the next day, and so on, but stop when you feel a warmth or burning sensation. I got up to 7 capsules with a meal and my naturopath says that means I have very low stomach acid. I've heard of others being able to take only 1 capsule, meaning their stomach acid is fine. If you really do have low stomach acid, then at least you can eat in comfort by taking the betaine HCL, and it will help you to sleep better too if you digest food properly (I would also recommend digestive enzymes).

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