There seem to be many varying views on the college experience. I will aim to not criticize, but rather share my perspective.

The drug and alcohol thing does play a major role in the job search after college. No speech or authority figure will ever really convince you to not experiment/ habitually use. It is a conscious decision that falls on your shoulders. Most of the time you can get away with it, but is that really the focal point of the question at all? Perhaps there are other responsibilities or side effects that should be considered when the question is posed. Don't deprive yourself of some fun time times at college because of wildly hypothetical outcome, but also keep a good head on your shoulders. Moderation.

If you are about to go to college... realize that you will hit some roadblocks. There will definitely be a point where you don't think you can do it. The journey will seem too long and too hard. Hang in there. Just give it your best shot and everything will turn out alright. College is not meant to be easy. Anything in life that is really worth having won't come by easily.

It also seems that many people have bounced around different schools and couldn't wait to get out. This is probably the case for many students, but it is quite the contrary for me. I am in the third year of my undergraduate program, and things are great. My classes are very challenging, but I love going to them. I am truly amazed at the wealth of knowledge around me. Some of the things I learn may not be relevant in my professional career, but that is beside the point. A big part of this organized educational system is learning how to learn. You can't blow off all your classes throughout college and then turn things around for as you're getting into the job or next set of classes you "really" like. It is a habitual process that builds on itself. I could rant about the ideals of effort forever, but it really comes down to an evaluation of what you want and how its going to happen.

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