What FOOL'S SCHOOL...oh, never mind....I just read the man's name. Izzy. That explains it. (He doesn't even know to put the D in front of the i.z.z.y.)

We have a PROBLEM people! A problem of EPIC proportion and we're sitting around like a bunch of helpless IDIOTS saying: "use psychology - teach your kid how to respond!" What I’ve YET to hear these wonderful sickologists recommend, is how the bullied child should respond AFTER the bully punches his lights out, on the heels of that psychological response!!!

Excuse me but we are WAY past psycho-analyzing the situation and responding with text book answers! When you and I went to school psyching another kid out probably worked. Sometimes. But nowadays we've got cyber-bullying, terrorizing, threatening and setting other kids on fire...AWAY with sociological and psychological recommendations! THOSE tactics are for use on civil persons, not these wild animals that are backed by parents AND the law, both of which impress me as being just as callous, depraved and irresponsible as these maniacal children!

It's time to put down this uncivilized behavior once and for all. Time to march, protest, initiate campaigns and DEMAND that our elected, political officials fight to get some REAL laws on the books, to make bullying a crime. A terroristic threat punishable by law!

An argument or disagreement that dissolves into a fist fight every now and then is one thing. Maybe detention for that. Or suspension or even academic probation. But confirmed, continued harassment, hitting, terrorizing and cyber-bullying should be met with a penalty strong enough to put the fear of God in the bully and their parents! Permanent suspension. (Let the BULLY’S parents deal with the inconvenience of getting this uncivilized character into another school)! Or, hefty fines for the parents. Or better still, placement in a juvenile facility! (I'd be willing to wager that in most cases the big, bad bully suddenly goes into remission when matched with other hostile kids of their own ilk)!

It's not hard to stop this madness. The HARD part is getting out of our comfort zones to confront an egregious wrong that may put us at odds with a lot of people who will disagree with our decision; especially those people that we love to call our “friends!” (I got a problem with that, too, because anyone who would encourage me to let my kid "tough it out" or respond with psychology against something that is so morally wrong, could never be counted as a “friend” of mine)! A "frien-emy" maybe, but never a friend!

Start hitting these parents’ pocket-books and/or severely punishing these kids and I can promise you, change will come. But as long as we allow doctors, lawyers and school officials to pass bullying off as “normal,” the buck will KEEP passing. And so will our precious children...right into early graves because a bunch of jaded adults were too lazy, self-involved and trusting of a woefully broken system to stand up, band together and say: "We're not taking it any more!"

EVERY child deserves a learning environment without having to manage the fear of being tormented to death. Sometimes literally.

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