Overvaluing "feelings" is indeed a typical, and obvious, female behavior. Not necessarily a good thing as it's suggested here.
If you value feelings more than someone else, you are likely to lack empathy or respect for that person's way of acting too.
Empathy and respect shouldn't be confused with emotiveness.

Also, where I live, if you want to raise a family properly you will need money. Competitiveness provides you more money. Taking risks provides you more money. Testosterone provides you more money. It's not an imaginary enemy as the "patriarchy" that regulates the earning differences between men and women.
(and it's not much different to women accordingly with some researches. testosterone will make you earn more)

And while having higher testosterone levels "alone" will make you more vulnerable to die and get involved in crimes, the less money you have, the more vulnerable to die and get involved to crimes you get too.
"Social" problems will make you more vulnerable to a premature death than anything else.

Marriages tend to be least successful in poverty. The children will get a lower quality education. And it's possible this situation will snowball to the next generation.
Poverty alone will raise the chances of your kids being a single mother/father. Again, inferior life quality to your descendants and higher divorce rate.
(google "divorce probability based on employment income poverty and welfare")

The ability to take more risks and be more competitive is amazing. Contrary to what you said, it easily outweighs the contras.
You win, your family wins, the entire society wins.

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