Right to the point. Certainly the brain is in our body and the argument is made that addiction is physical.
First, I will ask the writer if he or she has ever been an addict?
There is no comparison and I mean none to a heroin withdrawal and a cocaine withdrawal.
I would not even hire someone at my drug rehab that had never been an addict. Yes, not a typo. How is a resident to respond to someone that has never been there?
Becoming physically ill to the point where you can die from an opiate withdrawal is far and away different than a cocaine withdrawal.
You can become addicted to anything! Food, water, not stepping on a crack in the sidewalk! You cannot live without food or water but you can live without stepping on that crack.
Yes, the mind can make the body sick but let us be real and know that the physical withdrawal from opiates is a whole different animal than that of cocaine.
And don't even get me started with pot! They were not allowed in the rehabilitation center because they did not belong there where the real addicts resided.
I would be happy to debate my views which are not opinions with anyone!