I'm 28 years old and though I've been diagnosed with ADD I am almost completely certain that I may actually be on the spectrum. I've struggled with the "move your oblivious butt out of my way" thinking and not wanting to offend anyone so much so that I am so hyper focused on not becoming that which I despise to the point where I can't focus on what I went to the store for in the first place. I'm trying to view social interactions as a place to pretend I'm even more normal than the people I encounter in the real world. It's horrible because I'm lying to everyone I meet because I'm so afraid and anxious it makes me feel ill. I struggle so bad with other people that I avoid talking on a telephone almost to the point that I'll go with out what I need to avoid the stress of trying to spot insincerity because I can't view the person and hear them at the same time and just the worlds and tone screw me up so bad and I can't stand it when the miscommunication makes me feel even less normal that I will admit I am. And I google every type of social thing I experience because I have no idea what I am supposed to do next, how to respond to others or if I'm over thinking something as stupid and trite as how to argue effectively with someone about the proper way to argue. That made sense-I swear it does!

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