I just wanted to add that I, too, have found "Pardon me" to be a SLIGHTLY easier phrase to use than "Excuse me", because it is more rarely used - and therefore less likely to be associated with those other connotations.

Coupled with a light, questioning tone, it does pretty good at getting people's attention in the store aisles. Sometimes they realize what's wrong immediately and move out of the way. Other times, they look at me thinking I have a question to ask them - and if so, I (like NYC Reader, above), would probably say, "I'm sorry, may I just squeeze past?" or "Sorry, I was just hoping to grab a box of XYZ" - and adding "Thanks!" at the end generally helps lighten things up too.

I saw the word neurotypical above, and I think that accurately describes me; I don't personally deal with Asperger's or Autism, at least.

So, I'm not sure how useful that second paragraph is to those of you who are, but regardless, I think Pardon Me has a narrow enough range of use that it might serve your purpose better than Excuse Me.

(PS i'm from the midwest and was brought up using "excuse" not "pardon", but switched when i realized the other worked better)

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