(Bear with me, I'm not self-promoting here - got my wrist slapped a few weeks ago for mentioning my own PT blog in a comment.) I've been a professional writer and writing teacher since 1986 - six books (including two novels and one short story collection), nine years of national NPR commentaries, countless shorts stories, essays and columns. I have two new books out this year, a novel, Going Through Ghosts; and a memoir/self-help guide for women gambling addicts, She Bets Her Life. The second book is getting a fair amount of media coverage. When I said to my savvy agent, "We may be able to ride this for a new book contract." she said, "Not fiction. You better not be talking about fiction." My heart hurt. I have at least three more novels in me - stories I've collected over the miles and years.

I was also part of the push in the Seventies (taught Psychology courses and was a counselor) to get academic psychologists to regard personal narrative/case histories as legitimate data for teaching and publication. Those days seem to be over.

Please tell us the names of your novels. Thanks, Mary Sojourner

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