Kids bully at school because there is a complete lack of adult supervision at schools. I don't understand why people put 30-50 preteens together (even more in a lunchroom or on a school bus) and then they expect them to be kind to each other and behave like adults. Nor do I think any person alive is equipped to supervise, teach and train that many children at a time.

Homeschooled children have near constant adult supervision, and since they are side by side with an adult they learn to function and socialize like the adults that they will someday be. On top of that, because home is a place of constant learning, they have an appreciation for and gain independence in learning new things.

Children in schools are pretty much left floundering, learning social skills from other children their age. Even worse those other children may or may not have a caring family at home and may have severe personality problems. On top of that they are supervised by a complete stranger, that may or may not care about their education or their mental health. Are those really the people you want your child to learn from?

I do get that many parents need a two income household and just can't be at home to homeschool, but those who can, should. There is nothing to lose. You can't possibly fail them any more than our education system will.