It is my understanding that the majority of pro-lifers and pro-choicers alike are united in one thing: a concern for the women placed in these difficult circumstances. I therefore cannot understand why it is so difficult to require women to further inform themselves on what their medical "choice" actually is.

Perhaps the creators and supporters of these laws have heard the cry of women over the years: "If I would've known then what I know now, I would not have chosen to get an abortion." (I myself, a college student, have read and heard hundreds of these testimonies over my years of researching the abortion issue.)
Perhaps the proponents of the laws are also aware that in Planned Parenthoods across the nation, undercover investigative reporters have seen PP employees blatantly lie to women about the MEDICAL FACTS surrounding their unborn fetus, telling them, for example, that she/he does not have a heartbeat until seventeen weeks after conception when in fact, the fetus has a heartbeat at 23 days. (Don't believe me? Search "LiveAction" on YouTube to see numbers of videos documenting PP's deliberate misinformation to women seeking help.) What happened to giving women an informed choice? By lying to women about medical information, PP is seeking to make that choice for them.

Yes, it won't be easy for a woman in a difficult financial situation to see the developing body of her unborn human. It definitely won't be easy for the victim of a rape. But like it or not, this fetus IS a member of the human species, and the woman has a right to know that and to know that it is not simply a parasitic growth akin to a toenail or a blister as the Planned Parenthood corporate giant would like her to believe.

What is that expression? Oh, yes... "The truth hurts." But would we rather have her see the difficult truth or be misinformed and regret her "choice" too late?

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