"...Young people are too immature and impulsive to make a wise choice, ..." This is absolutely true. Looking at the divorce rate in this country and teen pregnancy is it surprising how many kids don't grow up with both their biological parents. People want to get married for love, but most people don't know what love is. I have to say that it isn't just young immature people that can't make wise decisions, there's a lot of old immature people or people that are not smart enough to know who is a good partner or not. Look at Sandra Bullock; a successful woman who I thought was smart, chose to marry a guy like Jesse James with his history of bad choices with women (one a porn star) and has kids with two different women. One of the kids he had with the porn star, he didn’t see for the first 2 years of it’s life. Although Sandra’s situation is sad, I don't feel sorry for her. She's a grown woman that made her choice and now she's paying for it.

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