That was totally cool, Sir!

I really liked the closing about how we all need to learn how to "dance" with one another. I think of that in terms of the figurative sense... establishing partnership, networking, mentoring, and building relationship and a sense of community.

But, hey! I'm always happy to apply it literally as well! (Hopefully, for those who take it literally we won't step on each other's toes in the process!" Of course, maybe that's another metaphoric application: when we figuratively dance in community with one another, we need to be mindful to try not step on each other's toes, but also be forgiving when we are working with someone who's in the learning process and trying to work on their "dance" (i.e. relational) skills.

In time, with a little give and take -- both "dance partners" trying to avoid a misstep, forgiving each other when the inevitable missteps or bruised toes occur -- we'll all learn to glide gracefully through life together!

You made my day, Sir! Great article!

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