Your the one who needs perspective. Trauma doesn't have to be physical. Such narrow mindedness is very reckless. Try living trough betrayal and see how 'traumatizing' it is. How would you feel is someone betrayed your privacy and tell nasty things about you to your friends? How would you feel if your friend betrayed you borrowing large amount of money then disappearing? How would you feel if someone raped you?

Life is risky always is. You can't be sure if you could graduate in college. You can't be sure if you can drive and stay accident free. You can't be sure that you won't just drop from heart attack few moments from now. Life is risky but does not mean you downplay it. Many experiences, like infidelity, sickness, or bankruptcy, turns life upside down, just as war do but in different manner. Making little of this experiences is a great disrespect to the strength of people who had overcome it.

Either you never experience trauma or you are very weak as to turn your back to them. You like to immunize your heart rather than face the harsh reality your so proud of talking about.

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