I think you're onto something big here.

I recently read a story about researchers discovering that Alzheimers appears to have a side effect of enhancing the musical skills of musicians as the fog takes hold, and takes away pieces of our lives inch by inch.

They found that as the disease progressed, musical skills increased at a significant and measureable rate.

I myself have been suffering (something I've been in denial of till recently) from a shifting and at times frustrating veil of fog that takes away portions of specific memory from time to time, which has been occurring with greater frequency since the mid or late 90's.

I believe it was caused by excessive use of those sea sickness dermal patches you put behind the ear, which had scopolamine in them. I remember waking up one morning on the cruise ship in a state of near total vacuum. Couldn't remember who I was, where I was, why I was there, what I had done the night before, could barely hold coherent train of thought. I worked my way back from it quite quickly by going through my belongings.

it's not like that regularly. In fact it's never been that bad a total wipeout ever since that first experience.

But when I saw that article about music skill, I dusted off my sitar guitar, tuned it, and started playing, and I was shocked, lol...

I could play like never before. Solo lead guitar, which I'd never been able to really do before. And not just solo but improve solo. It was stunning, to be honest.

And then it occurred to me to try a new tuning which I intuitively felt would be more efficient. A tuning most would consider ridiculous. But I did it, and it worked. BOY did it work... I was able to play along with any Led Zeppelin song, and hold my own.

And there was very little adaptation time involved with the new tuning. I could just play. And solo, and improve.

And you know, the thing is, its effortless.

It's almost like I just sit back and let my wrist, fingers and hands find their own motion, and the music becomes manifest, with scales and licks and form coming so fast, and sounding so good, I just sort of sit there smiling in disbelief at sounds coming forth which I could never even dream of composing consciously at the speed the notes are being played.

My unconscious just intuitively finds and follows a path of harmonic and melodic least resistance, if that makes sense.

It's very, very cool. And I can tell you firsthand there is DEFINITELY something in play here... some law of phsyics or math or the universe's core mechanics which binds abstracts like music to our intuitive cognitive flow charts.

And when you tap into it, it's like the Pipes of Pan, or Dionysus Harp, coming forth from your fingers.


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