The other day my sister was so busy texting her boyfriend she stepped in front of a moving car and her boyfriend ran her over cause he was too busy texting my sister.

Being a Millennial (where we were the first to be brought up online yet not CONSTANTLY digitally elsewhere) I feel like this iGeneration is taking these technologies way too far.

I can't even watch a movie with my 17&18 year old sisters cause while watching the movie they are also on their laptops Skyping and on their phones texting. It's annoying to be with somebody and feel like they are not there with you. It's even worse than that asshole making food during the movie that keeps asking you, "Wait, what just happened?"

Yet if I fully embraced the lifestyle, and was engaged in "Skexting" While Movie Watching Behavior, I wouldn't feel so left out. But what is even the point of watching the movie with my sisters then? Reluctantly giving in, either a moment of hope or incredible sadness occurred: I was in the middle of texting one of them to ask if we had any popcorn when she leaned over, read my phone's screen, and said, "No." We ape-like humans are SO intensely "face-to-face" socially. It now looks like those who succeed at this emotional multi-tasking between digital and reality are themselves the next step towards our evolutionary destiny-becoming aliens. Very tan (even in space January) aliens. Perhaps chronic digital outsourcing of emotions the reason why alien faces look so blank?

So is it possible this will actually promote mindfulness? Bruce Lee (to me the epitome of mindfulness) credited his large family and hectic upbringing to his incredible mindfulness. He grew up in a small Hong Kong apartment with 10 Chinese people "ping-panging," slamming doors, doing laundry, cooking, and just running around at all times. This 24/7 wok of sights, sounds, smells, and vibrations led to Bruce Lee saying that it trained him to control his response to unwanted distraction. As a result it was normal for him to be successfully reading a book, watching a boxing match, working out, and playing with his son all at the same time. Of course he also pushed himself way too hard and as a result died at like 30...

Inter-connectivity is a sugary cake the diabetic world obviously won't stop eating. You Psychologists and Doctors (Nicolae Paulescu maybe?) need to show us a way to eat this cake, and mindfully "just have it" too. Piece of cake, right?