Single women having a baby on thier own by choice is a pretty bold move. I'm not sure what is really "right", cause life is messy and it's sad when we all don't have our dreams fulfilled as adults. That's why motherhood is really a gift. I think it's not right to use motherhood as a right of passage. It's go to be done for the right reasons, or we might have a narcissistic type of mothering. Mothers should NEVER need thier child. The reward of a child's love is important, but that is never garanteed.

I do know one thing though, having a strong male close to a child is so important. Or rather another person who truly adores him or her and drop everything to emotionally and physically support the child. Parenthood is taxing at times and it is necessary to have another important person like this around.

I'm really stepping off the deep end here now..... I don't understand what it means for a single woman to say she had no choice but to have a baby alone..... Motherhood is not a human right or right of passage like a masters degree. Life is full of unfulfilled dreams at times, and it should be a careful choice to go out and have a baby to be a Mom. It is my hope