I've had a dog, a turtle, two hamsters, a variety of goldfish, and in the present, a cat.
I've loved all of my pets and I could never understand why people could hate a species in particular.
Each pet I've had has its own unique characteristics and I accept all of them because they're just like us in their own complexities.
To dislike a particular species, is to me like disliking someone for their race or ethnic background and I find it cruel and insensitive.
I always seem to see that many people have a need to point out their dislike of cats and I always feel like I need to defend them.
Some cats like mine tend to be shy but once they become familiar with you, they can be just as much of a "best friend" as a dog or any other pet can.
Please, don't judge cats or any other animals based on general characteristics, but just on their individual character alone.
I think the more you're accepting, the more funner life is, and each pet of mine is like a part of my family. (:

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