You said this years ago, but I just came across it while trying to better my understanding of OCD.

Bipolar disorders, depression, schizophrenia, social anxiety, and eating disorders still come with a stigma and, like OCD, are mocked. I have not experienced OCD in my own life, but four of the five disorders you mentioned I have dealt with every day. I hear them used as adjectives constantly:

"You mom can be so bipolar sometimes." "That girl looks so anorexic." "Oh my god, you almost gave me a panic attack!"

Regardless of the disorder, none of this is right. However, I feel that your comment perpetuates the notion that this sort of inclusion into our vernacular isn't a serious or common issue, and reinforces the ignorance surrounding the experience and understanding of mental illness as a whole.

I think we can all agree here that disorders are not adjectives- period. But please don't pick and choose which ones deserve notice and which ones can be ignored or assumed non-existent.



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