I go to school everyday knowing I have OCD and, quite frankly, feeling ashamed about it. My friend suffers from depression and she is so worried that I will also, as a result of my OCD in the future. This just goes to prove how devastating it can really be.
I hear comments all the time like 'Don't mess up the arrangement of my pens. I'm OCD about it' This really aggravates me because I understand just how much OCD can ruin lives (for example, I can't often sleep until the early hours of the morning as a result of worrying about rituals that I haven't completed and that worse, some people have taken their lives due to suffering from this illness).
I am really grateful that you have written this blog so that people will understand OCD more, and hopefully will stop using the term so lightly.
I hope more people will read this, so that it will make a real difference.


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