You'll have to forgive me for being brief, because I have addressed these issues repeatedly in previous posts, but nheres the general gist:

You say

"Schools are compulsory in most places around the world. That gives them the right to force children into schools, it forces teachers to keep them there."

Well, that's not true. Education is compulsory, yes. But school is not.

"All schools have their rules. Kids and teachers must comply with these rules or what? What happens? Something happens. How is that not coersive, if there isn't a choice?"

Well then societal living is coersive. There are rules outside of school too. In the street, in your parent's home. There are consequences for your actions even in Peter's idyllic concept of hunter-gatherer societies.

Only when we see past the lies that are being perpetuated will we be able to discuss the matter openly and honestly- and that is, how best to raise children, or to let them raise themselves, in order to grow to their full potential. You think I don't want that, OR STRIVE FOR THAT, as a parent and a teacher?