"As I have argued repeatedly, neither teachers nor the school nor the state have any right to force children into schools, or to do anything in schools that they don't want to do."

Schools are compulsory in most places around the world. That gives them the right to force children into schools, it forces teachers to keep them there. If kids don't do their homework, they'll be marked down. If they get enough bad marks, other actions will be taken to force a child to comply with doing homework and passing grades.

When a kid doesn't dress down for a physical education class, he will get detention, if he doesn't show up for detention he'll get a saturday school detention, if he doesn't show up for that, he'll face suspension. All schools have their rules. Kids and teachers must comply with these rules or what? What happens? Something happens. How is that not coersive, if there isn't a choice?

So you don't like the terminology? What words would you use to describe it when one power authority forces that authority onto another? Schools have both power and authority and they use it to force children and their parents to comply through threats of something happening if they don't.

Honestly, I think you need to take your school colored glasses off for a bit and see the real world, see school for what it is, not justify what you believe it to be. Coersive seems too nice a term to me.

Threats of physical harm do happen in schools. Maybe in the UK school administrators don't do physical harm, but that's not true for other places around the world.

Psychological harm is far more prevelant. Even years ago, the UK brought to the world Pink Floyd and "hey teachers, leave those kids alone."