What you have written above is rhetorical fallacy known as "ad hominem" - you attack me rather than the arguments I present.

I post because I feel very strongly that Peter has made a deceitful bogeyman out of state education, in order to promote the business in which he has a clear vested interest.

I have no objection to Peter writing in an informed manner about anything. However, a lot of what he has written about state schools is insubstantiated, poorly sourced and, at heart, downright wrong.

I will quite happily discuss any of the points I have raised to Peter with you, and I will quite happily spend time doing so.

I love discussing new ideas and philosophies- read a little closer, and you will find out that I do, in fact, support many of Peter's ideas.

However, I do object to the unnecessary and untruthful lambasting of state education to serve that cause. Which is the main reason why I continue to post.