I've just found this blog and have been looking around on what there is to offer and have been amazed at the level of commenting you have made and to be honest I'm quite staggered that you haven't been banned.

You quite clearly are here to object to (nearly) every thing Peter has to say and to be as destructive of his efforts as possible. You disguise your actions with (relatively) polite discourse and the usual standard attempts to destroy your opponents credibility by citing lack of proper referencing, however thte sheer weight of your efforts makes your real intention very clear. You're plainly not here to make a positive contribution but merely to defend the system that pays your wages.

Everyone else seems to be here to learn and discuss new ideas and philosophy and it's a shame to have to waste our time and energy on nonsense like the above comment. Can I suggest that you redirect your tireless energies toward more contructive areas.