Thanks Dr Gray for your comment and interest.
'Under the tree' kind of schools are those schools in India which do not have a classroom, maybe just a blackboard and one teacher who teaches almost all the subjects that he/she can. In many cases there may be class-rooms but sitting outside under the tree is preferable because the cooling of the classrooms in the hot weather may be an issue.
The range of schools that exist in India are absolute extremes, on one side we do not have schools in large parts of rural India,if schools are there then there are no teachers or one teacher that teaches everything.On the other side we have schools in cities which have the best in terms of infrastructure the world can offer.
India has made education free and compulsory till the age of 14 years. The state runs schools but they are badly managed. The literacy rate in India is 67% and India spends 3% of its GNP on Education.Presently the challange is to get children to schools and make them stay there.
In making the children stay in schools the incentive of a free mid day meal has proved to be a great success.
The other challenge school education suffers from is the shortage of trained teachers.
It is also interesting to note that there is lots of private initiative in smaller towns,bigger villages and the slums of metropolitan cities, where children are attending school in shanties, but the interest in getting education is great. These very basic schools are doing a yeomen service in education where state efforts are proving to be inadequate.
The schools I discussed in my comment are largely the elite public schools of the country,of which I'am a product of and where I taught as a teacher for 15 years. It is in these schools not getting the right grades is the end of a dream, and is proving to be a great source of anxiety and depression in the adoloscents.