Dr Gray

After reading your article it gave me a tremendous sense of peace.Thanks a lot.
Me and my husband as parents have always supported our children in priortising intrinsic goals over extrinsic ones. The extrinsic ones will be a bye product of the goals of self development,has been our value.
But as a teacher of K12 students on the verge of joining college, this attitude came in direct conflict with what the environment was telling my students. For many years I tried to find a middle path but increasingly realised that it was of little consequence and it was draining me. I left active teaching 5 years ago to develop workshops on Creative Thinking for children and teachers, I'am doing it for all kinds of schools- from 'under the tree' kind of schools to the more elite schools of my country.Children love it, though the idea will take time in catching up with parents, and educators.
Another encouraging factor is my old students happily connect with me and bring out some aspect of self development which I told them in class as having a positive effect on them in making choices.
But the present system is increasingly getting tough for teachers who genuinely are looking to intrinsically develop students under their charge, this is true for expensive public schools in India too.