I appreciate your standards but god was never mentioned in my school as a child and I resent the idea that you think it necessary to emphasize this in a story that has nothing to do with it. It is about how lack of activity is said to create developmental and motor problems in kids. While I get what it is saying I have personal experience to say that it is absolute bunk. I have a child who is autistic. She plays everyday and has since birth. I do not understand why so many doctors teachers and psychologists pretend to know that such things caused her developmental condition considering there is concrete evidence in the medical world showing a difference in the brain chemistry of said children and adults and particular genes at birth have been found to show the prominence of these conditions. If you want your child to have god in their life that is your choice and actions on your time can dictate that. It is another way of this community to blame upbringing instead of outside environmental sources for autism and adhd and is seen by most parents as blaming the victims of these disorders as if they were preventable when they were born with them. I spend a ton of time emphasizing how horrible our food is in this country and the pesticides sprayed over us plays a vital role in brain development and yet no one will study that because god forbid we find the real cause of our diseases here in this country. Preaching in a classroom is uncalled for, isolating to people that are different, and up to families to teach. Pay for private school if you feel differently. I am strong in saying the absence of religion in schools makes it a better, more inclusive, and less judgmental learning environment for my child and all of her peers. And I am proud to say that despite horrible made up findings like this article, my daughter has a great group of teachers and therapists that know her activity level is not the cause of her autism and are expanding her horizons with love, not god.