David Ensley wrote:

I understand the measurement and importance of locus of control. However, I also wonder how much of these emotional problems could be related to a huge change in our society over this same period of time. Our country has experienced a huge decline in people's belief in a God who has created us and who cares about us and is involved in our daily lives. I know there are many factors in these types of things. But I certainly think that believing that all things work for the good ... is a transforming understanding. And it is a huge cultural loss that this belief has declined with time. I wish I had been raised that way. I could have skipped much pain in my life before she 25.

On the contrary to what you're saying, I have found that belief in God often causes people to be oppressed (guilt tripped, shamed) or become oppressive toward others.

The notion that someone is watching and there's an element of Him being in control of our lives contributes to the increase of externality, extrinsic thinking.

Even worse, the notion that people have so many different interpretations of the Bible and use that to shame, guilt trip and oppress, and humans are not as forgiving as God/Jesus says they are supposed to be.

Unfortunately, parents were more able to spank and make kids submit to authority and obey. Like doctors, politicians and teachers.