This is great, very happy to see this article. I am an acupuncturist and chinese herbalist with(Masters) with a bachelor's double majoring in philosophy and psychology. All through undergrad I studied Mind-Body Philosophy and has been my interest ever since. We at the Tai sophia Institute in Laurel, MD have been using this idea since the institutes creation in the 70's. This concept has been around for thousands of years, and I'm noticing that more brilliant western thinkers are starting to come back to the idea. A great resource for you to talk to would be Bob Duggan, one of the founders of the college.
As for the comment, "People who are holistically minded often refer to the mind-body connection. They are suggesting that they have discovered a conduit between our mental and physical being. Many react in surprise when I challenge this term and suggest that there's no connection at all."
I am curious as to whom this applies to. The Primary Principal behind holistic medicine lies within the the great oneness(the Tao). Everything that follows, such as yin yang, is simply the oneness manifesting as 2, 3 is movement, the 4 directions, etc.. These all are ILLUSIONS(tools) for us to use in service to working with the oneness. The reason for these tools is because the oneness can not truly be defined, seen, or explained. One can only point(allude) to the Tao, get a insightful glimpse, for once you think you know the Tao, you don't, you can't.
In our school and clinics, the needles and herbs come last and are considered of secondary importance to healing interaction and language. We stress the difference of phenomena and Story(which is what we fabricate to describe or understand the phenomena that occur). We have people re-write their stories so that they serve, and purposefully design their experiences to serve. To cut out the "i have to's, he/she Made me's, etc.." No one can make you mad/sad/etc.. We change these to "I choose to for the sake of.." or "I'm mad in the presence of." We use thought, emotions, and interaction to effect the physical, because they are one. I highly recommend you at least check out the institute and the work it is doing. I could write much more, however, I will keep it short and anyone can contact me if you would like to hear more.
This is a topic of great interest and I would love to discuss it further if you are ever interested. I can talk from either a philosophic, psychology, or chinese medical perspective if one is more preferred that is fine, otherwise I enjoy blending them all together., I can give you Bob Duggans Email if interested.

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