As I have mentioned in at least one other response, it is undeniable that pornography has yielded ill effects in particular instances. However, scientific hypotheses and subsequent findings are usually applied at the population level. For example, income and education are highly correlated yet Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men on Earth despite not having finished his undergraduate degree.

As far as your argument that those who show that pornography is not harmful must be its greatest users, I am afraid that you need to work on your logic. Suppose that researchers in their sixties find that playing video games do not yield greater incidence of violence (in the real-world) from those who play such games, are you equally suggesting that the scientists in question must be closeted gamers?! Every day, thousands of researchers conduct research to find out the links between a set of variables of interest. To argue that all of those researchers must be betraying their personal histories with the variables at hand is silly. I am afraid that your personal story has clouded your understanding of how science operates.


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