Thanks for the comment MGirl, but trust me, I've had my share of experience... In regards to your experience, congratulation, you're officially part of the 85% or so that use drugs and don't end up addicted. The point of the post wasn't to say that everyone is addicted to marijuana, but rather to discuss one of the mechanisms by which marijuana likely causes addiction when it does.
And people can be very high functioning alcoholics and other drug "addicts" as you call them for years. So I'm not really sure what that proves aside from the fact that different people are affected by different drugs differently. It's great that you've never had problems with marijuana but there are millions of people who have, and who still do.
Lastly, I think that marijuana's medical benefits are real and should be utilized, as you'd no doubt read in some of my posts both here and on our site at .

Thanks for reading,

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