I am a recovering heroin addict who used from the late 70's till the late 90's when i entered a methadone maintnence program. For the forst 3-4 yrs i continued using opiates and cocaine. Finally a freind concinced me to try using cannabis to control the cravings when i felt like using.It has toatlly turned my life around . I am now almost 5 yrs clean of all opiates and about 3-4 yrs clean of cocaine.I very rareely have to use cannabis for the cravings any more and i used it almost daily for 2-3 yrs while trying to ge over the cravings for the coke and dope. and when i felt i no longer needed it i stopped w/o any problems at all.I now use it occaisionaly for my arthritas when it is more than the aspirin or methadone can handle .It turns out cannabis has excellent anti inflamatory properties.But i experianced more withdrawl and problems from stopping daily use of caffiene than cannabis It is a joke to even think that a halucigenetic drug like cannabis or mescaline or psylisciban could be addictive in the sense that opiates stimulants or benzodiazapen based drugs are.

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