I have been a daily cannabis user for about six years now. I've taken a few breaks here and there of varying lengths of time but I would definitely have to say that cannabis can be slightly psychologically addictive. For example, if I am taking a break from smoking I will usually think about the act for a few hours and my cravings subside. Minor sleep disturbances are present for approximately three days or so, but nothing a little meditation won’t help. As far as physical symptoms go, only the sleep issues are present. Any effects that would be, dissipate after three days. In my mind, yes, cannabis is addictive but it’s very minor when compared to legal drugs. If in fact cannabis does stimulate the µ opioid receptor, I find it highly in intriguing. I have made a proposal to begin investigating the effects of cannabis on mirror neurons in the brain and the role of common coding as it pertains to cannabis use. A mirror neuron is simply a neuron that fires when an animal performs and observes the same behavior in another animal. Therefore, some neurons mirror other neurons when they fire. My interests lie in the role of this mirroring effect as it pertains to cannabis. This in turn will provide me with some good insight on how cannabis really effects perception and action. Just sharing some ideas. Good day.

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