I have been smoking good dope almost daily since the early-mid 80's (almost 30 years ago now) when I went to Jr high (Not that that was the trigger, I have older siblings too) but found a great affinity to smoking it. When I started, I'm sure it was to escape the anxious feeling of being a teenager as well as my PTSD which of course I didn't know I was dealing with until many years later. As far as the addictive angle, I may have had a certain/mild physical addiction to it but, for the most part, it has been psychological. It gives a certain calming effect that in itself, is addictive I suppose. That addition is an addiction of avoidance of uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that can arise from the PTSD. When I have had episodes of quitting, the symptoms I felt were far more psychological in nature than physical and the mental compulsion is for me anyway, intense in itself! Having to sit with ugly emotions is enough of a draw to smoke even way more than the physical element.

That said, there can't be one hard and fast rule regarding addictive qualities to marijuana when the reasons people use it are as varied as the strains that are now available. If marijuana is a 'gateway' drug as it is portrayed in the media, I'm happy all and all that I never really moved past the 'gate.'

btw...what the hell is Dwayne's problem? Why so defensive...I think you need a toke...like right now!

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