I have many experiences. I'll give you just one. When i was 15 I met my dad for the first time. I was at a friend house. we already decided to look him up in the phone book. I knew what was happening and stopped. I turn to them and said he will come on saturday in a white truck, a small white truck. We then looked up his number and found him. He agreed to meet me and told me the day he was availabl. I did not suggest a day.. That Saturday when the white truck pulled up my friends where shocked. I told them i already dreamt this before and knew what was going to happen. I did that many times with them over the summer and they were shocked how much i knew. I had just met them that summer and just moved into that house down the block. I had moved there from another state. So there is no way I knew any of them, their house, or my father in advance to plant memories of familiarity. I didn't know my dad. I only new his name growing up. How do you explain my deja vu and dreams that come true?

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