My theory is, that de ja vu takes place when the mind is already pre-occupied with another separate topic/subject. De ja vu, in my understanding is 'brain trickery', and is to do with the illusion created by multi-tasking in relation to context dependant memory.

As our minds go about encoding and 'recording' both concious and unconcious 'contexts' to short term memory: (all that we do and see); what happens is firstly, our unconcious'registration' of the 'scene' happens whilst pre-occupied with a greater or more important topic to us, and few milliseconds later - we 'focus in' - or become aware of the thought with our undivided attention, remembering also the trace memory. The neurons interconnect afresh and we 're-live' or 're-visit' that 'moment'; and as we are caught by surprise; as after all this is unexpected and unplanned a feeling of euphoria or perplexion is felt.

One could say that a recurring dream happens in a similair way, where the stimuli is internally based, rather than external.

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