Just from the title I agree! The direct instruction model is not a ' bad' in and of itself, yet when it is the pattern, repeated again and again, throughout 5 days of a child's developmental years, at least 12 of them, what becomes the resonance, or inner experience, or formation of the child? They become followers that use a general scaffold of what becomes not-the-whole-story AND a blueprint referred to and practiced again and again until it is believed to be a truth, thereby causing a polarity of being focused on a limited inner form, appearing to be a knowing-of-something because that is ALL , or ONLY what is the focus of the child, which is what directs the child. The consequences of this are naturally to make mis-takes in reality, in one's relationship to reality, leading to greater and greater insecurity and more survival before practical actions that are effective and can flexibly deal with what one encounters in reality. This is to say, what sounds good as a form, is actually a source of limiting the child's real potential, visible through a loss of natural spatial skill. This begs the question as to how many of us adults lose our spatial skill as we age? The loss of our spatial skill corresponds to a dependency on an inner following of a set body of information opposed to real creative and critical thinking- which is the ability to realize one's inner reflection about reality, and the practical reality that is all around us - AND what a child naturally sees when young, that is lost as they are moved through this system that by design, separates the child from what is a more natural and effective state of FOCUS or being. This begs the question as to what we thought the directive of and as " become the living word" meant??? What is hidden in plain sight? And what is the solution? How can we change from building an emotional memory to a superior memory?

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