You wrote: My main point is that children's social play is not anarchic.

'Anarchic' is an interesting word. At, two of the definitions of anarchy are positive, and two are negative, which makes it a very loaded word. Most people think of the negative definitions (chaos, disorder), but the root is about no government, no rule from above, which could be positive.

Definition number 1, a state of society without government or law, fits well with what you describe in children's play as democracy.

The starfish and the spider (see talks about decentralized organizations (in the business world). One of their examples is the Apache society, in which leaders had no enforcing power.

You may find this interesting in relation to defining democracy well. To me, anarchism is a radical form of participatory democracy.

One of my heroes is Emma Goldman. I discovered her through a book called Rebel in Paradise.

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