There are no words to discribe the present moment, wen you are in it you know that death is an illusion. For me the present moment, whene you are now, here you discover something amaizing. Everything is a product of your mind. You discover you can never die. Ass silly as it sounds people who are in the present moment understand this. You find out life is a game. You vill look at your thoutghts in a wey you can not describe it. You will be able to do anything, you realize that life is youst a game, and all you need to do is play that game. Some people search for god. Be here now, and you will find him. In this moment you are anylizing what i wrote, dont stop and youst look for a second at that thought, dont try to remove it, dont try to understand youst look at this thougt and you may suseed in a second or tvo. After that you will realize what you done, something you didnt know, you vill be exited happy if you did it, dont stop there, look at those thaughts ass well. Watch the birds the noise, everthung and youst be in the now.