Moran's blog contains a lot of great info, and I love the tone (I'm a huge fan of Spooks, a.k.a. MI-5, among other things he's worked on). Here's what he said about a writer's schedule:

"I try not to have one, because as soon as I decide to write at a certain time of day, that immediately makes my mind go blank at that exact time. Some people write during certain hours, and if that works for you, fine. I probably should do that. But I just can't. If I'm working on a script, then I get up, have breakfast, procrastinate, and when I get to the point where I can't put it off any longer, I make myself start writing."

Funny thing is, although I know a lot of writers swear by a schedule, my routine is more like his. Breakfast and then fiddle around until the pressure builds or an idea comes or the guilt is overwhelming (or someone writes a comment here and I can happily procrastinate a bit longer).

Thanks for sharing.