AL you really think it is a weakness and people will not get this? hat is amazing to me, as I meet very strong people who deal struggle with addiction, very strong, loving and intelligent people. It may not fully be a brain disease but it is NOT a weakness. Also when will people get that statistics are very easily manipulated. All these results depend on how you define dependence, and how you define health. I would like to see how they dealt with confounding variables, and how they separated abusers from addicts. If you bag them together it is easy to get these results. All psychologists kn ow this yet keep feeding this as science anyway. And of course people who are abstinent have had more consequences including the loss of their health, so overall they will be less healthy. that does not mean anything about the "controlled drinking" method. You guys are playing with people's lives, to sell ideas to those that want to justify their self destructive spiral. This article is based on mostly rhetoric,not science as it claims to be

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