... reads like a white paper or an advertisement for your opinions and treatment center.

As I've said before, and I'll say it again, you, Peele, are a dangerous person.

Wanna know what I think? No? I'll tell ya anyway...

I think, over so many years, you've lost touch with your subject matter.

I think there is contradicting and conflicting data regarding addiction all over the place. I think people are genuinely afraid of the stigma, the persecution, the legal ramifications, the financial ramifications, and even the mortal ramifications that can result from being an active addict.

And, Peele, I think you are preying on these people like a vulture. You, like many of your esteemed collegues, can't really say WHAT causes addiction or how to actually cure it.

"Only a tiny minority (1%) fit the stereotypical image of someone with severe, recurring alcohol addiction that Alcoholics Anonymous, addiction disease proponents like Volkow, and American mythology consider typical. According to Willenbring, "It can be a chronic, relapsing disease. But it isn't usually that.""

"Take that, Nora!

Only 1%, huh? Mythology, huh? Assuming that statistic is correct - last time I checked there were 300,000,000 people in the US. I guess 3 million people suffering is like collateral damage to you - the hero fighting the good fight MUST go on.

Well, I don't see you as a hero, Peele. I see you as a villain.

Take that, Staton!

I think you're adding up 3 million people x $3000+ it costs to attend your retreat and are simply out there to promote it.

Pow! Bang! You Scoundrel!

You're using statistical correlations as causality. You regularly take "apples" and compare them to "oranges" and assume because they are both round - they must be the same.

Pop! Zwwwak! Splaaaat!

I think you're a shameless self-promoter with dangerous ideas. And, please, stop comparing yourself to Galileo. Galileo said that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe. You just think you are.
You're obviously unappologetic - as evidenced in the whole 'CD3 controversy' - where your own collegues accused you of being dishonest! From what I've seen, you were also abusive in that whole event and refused to appologize.

I think pride and greed have got the better of you and you resent people above you in the "addiction treatment" food-chain.

David Kaplan

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